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What are the ingredients in E-Juice

What’s really inside?

If you listen to the news and read some of the articles found on the Internet you can certainly get a bad vibe about e-juice, the ingredient used for a hot new trend called ‘vaping.’ E-cig users are probably very familiar with these terms, as well as some of the untrue, inadequately researched information that is out there. Rather than believe the lies, we’re here to help you learn the real information. recipe-575434_640
What is inside of e-liquids? Is it harmful to your health? What do I need to know about e-juice before I begin vaping? These are probably just a handful of the questions that you currently have running through your mind. The negative information out there can certainly cause you confusion and hesitation. And, it is all without reason. Most of what you’ve read isn’t accurate whatsoever because e-juice is not harmful nor will it cause any side effects.
There are actually just four different ingredients found inside of e-liquid: PG, or VG, Flavor and Nicotine.

  • PG or VG, which is the ‘base’ of the liquid and contains the flavor threshold. The PG or VG also helps the user create a large cloud of vapor smoke as they use their e-cig.
  • Flavor: There are tons of different e-juice flavors out there. You can find everything from the basic tobacco and menthol flavors to those that are unusual and others tantalizing. How would a nice puff of intense, delicious and aromatic chocolate sound? This is just one of the many different flavors you can select for your vaping experience.

Nicotine: All e-juice contains small amounts of nicotine. You can find e-cigs and juices that contain as little as 12 mg of nicotine all the way up to those that offer as much as 23 mg of nicotine. You should select a nicotine level based on what you actually smoked when using regular cigarettes if you were a smoker. If you are not a former or current smoker, you will probably fare well with the lower amount.

And there you have it, when you buy e-juice, you can expect it to contain the four ingredients listed above; nothing more and nothing less. Do not fear making an e-juice purchase because of what you may have heard. It is probably not true!


Now that you know what is inside, which flavor will you choose?

What e-juice flavors will really get ‘em going and get you in the mood for some serious vaping? While you want to try your hand at many different flavors, some are better than others, and we cannot tell you a lie. If you want a great vaping experience, toy around with these six flavors below. They’re all tasty and fun to vape with! You can also visit Ejuice Farms where you can get all of the latest and greatest vape supplise and flavors.

1. Chocolate: I’m a bit impartial to chocolate. I love it. The flavor is beyond amazing, and it soothes the soul to get a fulfilling ‘Choco’ hit.

2. Mary Jane e juice: I’ll just put that right here and let you figure it out now. Use your imagination, guys.

3. Red Licorice: A little warmness in my throat and it feels so good.

4. Pumpkin: Come on. Can you go wrong with anything that is pumpkin flavored? I rest my case. Try it.

5. Cinnamon Roll: It is almost better than a fresh, hot out of the oven cinnamon roll in the morning. No, I am serious.